River Street Law and real estate Attorney Alexander Levine provide in-depth and tested expertise in a wide variety of complex real estate legal matters. We provide more than simply real estate litigation support and condominium law analysis in Massachusetts. Real estate Attorney Alexander Levine provides real estate legal services that include easement and restrictive covenant issues, real estate title issues, municipal compliance and land use analysis, abatements, takings, and utilities matters. River Street Law handles residential real estate and commercial leasing drafting and negotiation for property owners and tenants. We also provide assistance with summary process evictions.

River Street Law represents both buyer and seller of residential and commercial real estate property. Clients benefit from real estate Attorney Levine’s expertise is condominiums, new construction, and difficult real estate title or land use problems. Post-closing issues or a deal that fell through with a sizable down-payment in dispute, real estate Attorney Levine can handle it. Corporate real estate companies can benefit from River Street Law’s experience in drafting and interpreting corporate operation agreements that are specifically tailored for real estate and development operations.

Who does the firm represent in real estate dealings?

Real Estate Attorney Alexander Levine and River Street Law  represent commercial and residential landlords, condominium associations, buyers and sellers of real estate, and individual property owners with real estate problems impacting their home. Clients that expect an additional level of detail and attention paid to their real estate legal concerns benefit greatly from River Street Law’s drive to succeed on behalf of its clients. Whether you are a condominium unit owner with questions concerning condominium governance or a real estate acquisition company seeking cost-benefit analysis of a new acquisition, River Street Law takes on the tough real estate legal problems. Real Estate law is complex, so River Street Law drives to simplify the process for you as your real estate attorney.

What can you expect from from a real estate attorney at River Street Law?

The difficulties and unpredictability of real estate law can make for a great deal of uncertainty for both homeowners and businesses. It is often unclear in the beginning just how big a problem you are facing. River Street Law understands these complexities and is not afraid to tell the client how it is. With extensive real estate litigation experience, real estate Attorney Alexander Levine understands just how far real estate problems can go. Where other lawyers stay fairly reserved on their advice when faced with a difficult real estate questions, River Street Law focuses on protecting the client’s interests and keeping the client informed. At River Street Law the client comes first, and therefore needs to be properly informed of their real estate legal issues in order to make the right decision the first time.


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River Street Law specializes in condominium law, real estate law, litigation, and construction law in Massachusetts.