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A Massachusetts Law Firm

River Street Law is a law firm that does not stop. We share your drive to win, no matter what the legal challenge. River Street Law specializes exclusively in condominium law, real estate law, and construction law in Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts law firm, the firm has the expertise and specialization needed to obtain cost-effective results in complex legal matters. Attorney Alexander Levine applies his ample court room experience to provide candid and direct legal advice, while aggressively pursuing client’s legal goals. Motivated to provide exceptional client service, River Street Law will not waiver in its pursuit of obtaining fair and just results.

Alexander W. Levine


Alexander’s comfort and experience in the courtroom enables him to handle complex civil litigation matters and appropriately advise River Street Law’s clients on how to avoid lengthy disputes before they proceed to litigation.  When faced with a complex and multifaceted legal dispute that many attorneys would shy away from, Alexander does not get intimidated.  He tells the client how it is, and then does his job to obtain realistic and cost-effective solutions.

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River Street Law is a Massachusetts law firm specializing exclusively in condominium, real estate, and construction law.