As a law firm in Massachusetts, River Street Law represents a broad array of clients from individual property owners to larger condominium associations and landlords in navigating the complexities of real estate law and the litigation process. We also represent construction professionals with a variety of legal services. River Street Law specializes in Massachusetts condominium law, real estate law, and construction law.

Condominium law can be complex and opaque. Massachusetts law firm River Street Law distinguishes itself with its in-depth knowledge on condominium law and the specific legal needs of condominium boards and condominium unit owners. We know exactly what you need. From condo litigation legal services to condominium document drafting, amendment, and enforcement, River Street Law prides itself on its exceptional client services that meet the needs of community associations.

River Street Law has extensive experience in all aspects of the litigation process in Massachusetts, and shares the client’s drive to win, no matter what the legal challenge. Whether the legal matter is in Massachusetts State Court or the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, River Street Law is ready for the fight.

Those seeking to buy or sell unique or complicated real estate can benefit from the firm’s legal services and expertise in condominium and construction law. River Street Law represents property owners, condominium boards, and landlords in navigating the complexities of Massachusetts real estate law.

Construction defect analysis and litigation can be complex and time-sensitive issues for property owners and condominium boards. We work side-by-side with licensed engineers in evaluating construction design. River Street Law also works with construction and design professionals in Massachusetts with legal services including contract drafting, contract negotiation and litigation needs.

River Street Law specializes in condominium law, real estate law, litigation, and construction law in Massachusetts.