River Street Law was founded as a law firm that’s different. There’s a disconnect in today’s legal landscape between who does the work, who knows the client, and who has the right expertise. Attorney Alexander Levine knows the client’s challenges and history, has the expertise to direct an effective solution, and gets the results himself. At River Street Law the client’s bottom line and overall success is what matters.

River Street Law specializes exclusively in condominium (condo) law, real estate law, construction law, and litigation across all three. We have expertise and specialization needed to drive cost-effective results in complex legal matters. Founder and Attorney Alexander Levine applies his ample court room experience to provide candid and direct legal advice, while aggressively pursuing client’s legal goals.

Motivated to provide exceptional client service, River Street Law is driven: we will not waiver in our drive to obtain fair and just results for you.

Our Mission & Vision

When the client comes first, there is no need to over-complicate things.  River Street Law is motivated to provide exceptional client service in the areas of condominium law, real estate law, and construction law.  Whether you are seeking to buy or sell a home, or pursue justice in the court system, Attorney Alexander Levine is with you every step of the way.  Navigating local real estate and condominium law is no simple task, and River Street Law ensures that the client is always aware of the strategy and what to expect next.  Expertise, service, and peace of mind is what River Street Law hangs its hat on.   

Our Founding

River Street Law breaks the mold. The firm was founded narrowly, tailored to exactly what clients demanded in the fast-paced greater Boston real estate arena. When a time-sensitive and complex legal problem concerning your business or primary residence arises, it takes a lawyer with the attention and expertise that Attorney Alexander Levine can provide to bring success and quick resolution.

The red tape and politics of the standard law firm often take priority over the needs of the client. River Street Law was founded believing the client always comes first. The attorney you first spoke with during your consultation is the same attorney that fights by your side and gets you the results that justice requires.

River Street Law specializes exclusively in condominium, real estate, and construction law.