River Street Law provides litigation and lawsuit services to its clients in the fields of condominium (condo) law, real estate law, and construction law. Litigation Attorney Alexander Levine is licensed to practice in all Massachusetts state courts, which include Massachusetts Superior Courts, Land Court, Housing Courts, and District Courts, as well as the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. As a lawsuit attorney, Attorney Levine has successfully argued lawsuits before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts District Court Appellate Division. River Street Law applies the same level of attention and preparation for any court proceeding or lawsuit, whether it be a Small Claims Trial or an oral argument for an Appeal.

Who does the firm represent in lawsuits & litigation?

Condominium associations, condo unit owners, property owners, and landlords can rest assured that River Street Law will fight tirelessly on their behalf and resolve their lawsuit in a cost-effective manner. River Street Law’s client each have individualized and unique litigation needs when dealing with or considering a lawsuit. Alexander’s comfort and experience in the courtroom enables him to handle complex civil litigation matters and to appropriately advise River Street Law’s clients on how to avoid lengthy disputes before they proceed to litigation. Settlement discussions, letter writing, and mediation are always preferred, but sometimes a lawsuit is unavoidable. When a lawsuit is unavoidable, River Street Law is ready to petition the Court for a preservation of its client’s rights.

What can you expect from from a lawsuit attorney at River Street Law?

Clients can expect transparency and a strategic roadmap from River Street Law on all active or anticipated litigation and lawsuit matters. Lawsuits making their way through the justice system are unpredictable and risky, so your lawsuit attorney should not be. River Street Law provides reliability and transparency concerning a lawsuit’s strengths and weakness, and anticipated timelines. With extensive experience in litigation matters, lawsuit Attorney Alexander Levine can provide the client a solid the basis for realistic expectations and costs concerning a lawsuit in the fields of condominium law, real estate law, and construction law.

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River Street Law specializes in condominium law, real estate law, litigation, and construction law in Massachusetts.