When working with a construction attorney, look for experience. River Street Law has extensive experience in construction litigation and pre-litigation construction dispute resolution. Working side-by-side with engineers and architects, construction Attorney Alexander Levine is no stranger to a construction site. Understanding what a problem looks like in the field is essential in order to effectively explain it in open court. River Street Law also supports its clients as a construction contract lawyer in drafting and negotiation of contracts, including American Institute of Architects (AIA) form contracts, as well as perfecting and enforcing mechanics liens. Construction companies can also benefit from River Street Law’s experience in drafting and interpreting corporate operation agreements that are specifically tailored for construction and development operations.

Who does the firm represent with construction issues?

Construction companies, contractors, and developers regularly require assistance in interpretation of construction law, construction contract negotiation, and construction litigation cost-benefit analysis. When things go wrong they can go wrong in a big way, and the best practice is to solve a construction dispute before it occurs. Attentive contract drafting, advise of proper insurance coverage and construction bonding standards, and an understanding of the entity you are working with are essential in preventing business disruptions. Contractors seeking to work with condominium associations can rest assured that River Street Law is aware of the complexities in working with large residential clients.

What can you expect from from a construction attorney at River Street Law?

Property owners and condominium associations frequently need assistance on construction and design claim analysis and determining exactly what is wrong and what their rights are. Construction legal claims are time-sensitive and require quick action, and that is exactly what clients can expect from River Street Law.
Both companies and consumers want the construction project done correctly, on time, and for the quoted price. Working with a construction attorney should be no different. Undertaking large, expensive construction projects is a risky endeavor that requires transparency, communication, and an attention to detail that River Street Law provides. And when things do not go according to plan, River Street Law’s ingenuity and construction law expertise can help any client navigate their way out of a difficult situation.

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