River Street Law’s primary area of practice is that of condominium (condo) law. From condominium associations to individual condo owners, River Street Law’s clients greatly benefit from Condo Attorney Alexander Levine’s expertise in the field of condominium (condo) law. A condo attorney, such as Alexander Levine at River Street Law, can assist clients in condominium documents interpretation, amendment, and enforcement, and in navigating the complexities of the parliamentary processes for condo association voting. In Massachusetts, condominium (condo) associations, homeowners associations (HOA), and individual condo owners frequently face extremely complex and frustrating legal challenges. It takes an attorney with deep condo law knowledge and expertise to find cost-effective solutions to problems that exist in your own backyar

Who does the firm represent in condominium legal matters?

River Street Law represents condo association boards and property managers in carrying out day-to-day operations for condominiums, which can be far from routine. Lien enforcement for unpaid common area fees can sometimes be much more complex than initially anticipated, especially when working on tight timelines and in smaller condo associations. It is essential for condo associations to seek prompt legal advice before problematic situations grow. Attorney Alexander Levine is there to counsel condominium boards through the complex and challenging situation unique to condominium law. River Street Law also represents individual condo owners as their condo attorney when seeking practical solutions to sometimes overwhelming problems facing your primary residence or investment property.

What can you expect from from a condo attorney at River Street Law?

In the realm of condominium law, all of the legal issues faced by associations and unit owners affect your home, your community, and one of the largest investments you may ever make. It is hard to avoid making it personal when facing a condo legal dispute. Condo Attorney Alexander Levine not only provides exceptional client services that work with fast paced world of condominium law, but also counsels the clients of River Street Law to see the bigger picture. What can arise as a very personal dispute between neighbors can easily end with just and reasonable result with the right condo legal counsel. 

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